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Loan Services

If you're on the "BLACKLIST," "CTOS," or "CCRIS," don't be concerned; we'd like to extend a loan to you as well. You can apply for a loan with our organization no matter what your profession is.

Why Choose Us

Fast Approval

A simple personal loan procedure allows you to get loan money quickly and securely.

No Upfront Charges

Unlike other agencies in the industry, we do not charge any form of fees or upfront charges when processing your loan application.

Higher Approval Rate

AKPK, Special Attention Account (SAA), High Debt Service Ratio (DSR) Commitment, trade reference, poor repayment record, blacklisted, legal case or restructure status can apply

Flexible Repayment Period

Loans up to 8X net salary loan repayments from 6 months to 36 months

Low Interest Rates

The authorized interest rates for our credit loans are at 18% per annum (unsecured) and 12% per annum (secured).

Confidential And Safe

Borrower information is treated with the strictest confidence and will be protected under the Personal Data Protection Act (PTPA) 2010.



Repayment Guide

Sample Repayment Scheme – 1.5% A Month for 10k – 100k
 LOAN AMOUNT 1 Years2 Years3 Years4 Years5 Years
 RM      10,000.00 RM        983.33 RM        566.67 RM        427.78 RM        358.33 RM      316.67
 RM      20,000.00 RM     1,966.67 RM     1,133.33 RM        855.56 RM        716.67 RM      633.33
 RM      30,000.00 RM     2,950.00 RM     1,700.00 RM     1,283.33 RM     1,075.00 RM      950.00
 RM      40,000.00 RM     3,933.33 RM     2,266.67 RM     1,711.11 RM     1,433.33 RM   1,266.67
 RM      50,000.00 RM     4,916.67 RM     2,833.33 RM     2,138.89 RM     1,791.67 RM   1,583.33
 RM      60,000.00 RM     5,900.00 RM     3,400.00 RM     2,566.67 RM     2,150.00 RM   1,900.00
 RM      70,000.00 RM     6,883.33 RM     3,966.67 RM     2,994.44 RM     2,508.33 RM   2,216.67
 RM      80,000.00 RM     7,866.67 RM     4,533.33 RM     3,422.22 RM     2,866.67 RM   2,533.33
 RM      90,000.00 RM     8,850.00 RM     5,100.00 RM     3,850.00 RM     3,225.00 RM   2,850.00
 RM    100,000.00 RM     9,833.33 RM     5,666.67 RM     4,277.78 RM     3,583.33 RM   3,166.67

Description / Service

Charges / Fees*

Stamp Duty Fee

0.50% of the disbursed facility amount for every approved facility.

Legal fees

Depend on appointed lawyer billed invoice to client

Advance payment

Requires advance payment depending on the respective tailor-made packages applied.

Late Payment Charge
(Applicable to Credit Loan)

8.00% p.a. on the arrears of outstanding for each facility (daily rest basis) as per KPKT rules.

Early Settlement

No charges/fees to be imposed provided 2 week written notice or email request redemption details to

There will be a rebate for early settlement (“Rebate”) on the remaining interest unexpired period commencing after the redemption expiry date.


Note: **The Rebate will be calculated based on the “Rule of 78” or “Sum of Digits” whereby the method of calculation of the proportion of principal and interest payable for the entire loan assumes that the interest forms a larger percentage of the monthly instalments during the early stage of the loan.

Important T&C

For continuous 2 months default payment will result to terminal borrow enjoy all the term benefits of debtors. And debtors advice to immediate fully paid off the remaining full outstanding principal amount together with all interest and all legal charges together.

If debtors unable serves the monthly installment, advise immediately to seek approval for authority to restructure accordingly as per credit guidelines.


INVINITY ONE DEBT CONSOLIDATION PLAN only disburse to settled all related existing debts in hands or all kind of fees and charges applicant subject to paid within their capable.


Let's Get Started

Personal Loan

Need money to fund for unexpected expenses or to ease your business cashflow or just any surprises that require extra cash in life, apply for INVINITY personal loan at attractive interest rates.

Legal Fees, SPA and Legal Agreement Loan

Fall short of money to finance your stamp duty and legal expenses on SPA, Loan Agreement, MOT or DOA, a credit loan from INVINITY could be your assistance.

Loan for Debt consolidation

To make life easier and stay organised, apply for one credit loan to simplify all your different monthly payments.